Why Photos and Artwork are Crucial in Home Staging

Every staged home needs a little je ne sais quoi to set it apart from its competition. That little something that makes it stand out – unique and mesmerizing. In many cases, it is the custom features a home has such as the fixtures, craftsmanship, colors, windows, stone and wood or outside features such as landscaping.

Staging Your Caribbean Home in Puerto Rico

A home staging concept has to incorporate and resonate with these custom features. It has to be a reflection, a compliment; not much different than a movie cast, which supports the main lead.

However, what happens if your home doesn’t have that wow factor? What if it is slightly dated and therefore not attracting the attention it deserves?

Photos and artwork enhance your property’s photography and open houses. This creates a more updated tone and elevates the all-around perception of your home, thus attracting more interest and offers.

Showcasing our listings in the best possible way is important to us! We know over 90% of today’s buyers start their search on the internet and it takes only one swipe of their finger to move a house from the must-see to the delete pile. We would love to help make sure your home is always in the must-see category.

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