We Collaborate with Other Real Estate Agents on the Island

If you are familiar with PuertoRico agencies, you will have noticed many agents do not want to collaborate with other agents.

RE/MAX leads the way when it comes to working with other real estate agents on the Island. We are always pleased to share our extensive portfolio of properties – the largest on the Coast – with legitimate real estate colleagues, and we find that we are invariably the first ones contacted when other agents have a buyer but no suitable properties.

Is RE/MAX’s service unique or are there others doing what you do?
No one else on the Island has the infrastructure for listing, marketing, sales, and administration or the office network that we have, so there is no one like RE/MAX. A simple review of our website clearly demonstrates all of that… and more.

Does pretty well everyone representing buyers come to RE/MAX?
It takes a great deal of time and energy and considerable financial muscle to provide and apply the necessary resources to list properties efficiently and professionally – and be ready for sale. Most agents find it is simply not viable for them to do so, which is why RE/MAX  is always their first port of call.

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